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Work with us!!!

Don’t pay huge commissions for your hard work

With us you pay a fixed low fee, regardless of the number of orders you complete, your turnover your earnings

Fair billing only on the basis of the taximeter (no loose ends, no undercutting of fares)

You pay nothing to start!!! training, wrapping you get everything for free!

Find out details by calling 666 167 623 between 10am and 7pm 

    Write to us today and join the team or call us at:<+48666167623! We will answer all your questions.

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    Join Mega Taxi – the fastest growing taxi network in Krakow.
    Working with us you will gain:
    -unlimited number of orders

    • a simple and clear billing model, i.e. a fixed subscription fee, we guarantee the absence of any hidden fees or commissions on orders.
    • full freedom of working time without binding on-call duty,
    • very high volume of orders – our drivers do not have to make stops, after finishing a route you are immediately enrolled in the zone you are currently in, or you can sign up in advance for the zone you will be in and take a queue,
    • order exchange – organize your work freely, you want to make long bucks ? No problem!

    Our zones are developed by people with many years of taxi experience in Krakow. In consultation with drivers we are constantly introducing suggested improvements to make our drivers’ work even more efficient and thus more profitable.

    We provide comprehensive training in the use of the application for accepting orders and introductory training for the profession including the topography of Krakow.

    What do we expect ?
    high personal culture – our company relies on a long-standing reputation in Krakow, we care about our image and that of our drivers.

    We also offer the possibility of employment-based cooperation.
    If for some reason you don’t have the opportunity or don’t want to start a business there is the possibility of working with one of our partners, you don’t even need to own a car, it’s a normal full-time job!

    We welcome fleet partners who would like to establish a cooperation based on a fixed subscription fee, regardless of the number of trips made, the fee remains the same. We also help you find drivers to work on your vehicles
    It is much cheaper than U….. we know who.

    MEGA-TAXI Katarzyna and Tomasz Rdest sp.j. is an intermediary in transport services since 1992 in the field of passenger and luggage transport by passenger taxis acting in accordance and on the basis of valid concessions and permits. The recipients of transport services are the inhabitants of Krakow and its vicinity who commission transport services and taxi drivers who are separate business entities and who declare their willingness to use the offer of passenger and luggage transport commissioned by MEGA-TAXI against payment. To provide transport services within Mega Taxi, a driver may have:

    • taxi licence for the Municipality of Krakow
    • running a business activity
    • having a category B driving licence
    • having a car that has been positively inspected by the Corporation
    • having a smartphone with syst. Android min. 6.0 and bluetooth 4.0 L.E. constituting a terminal for handling orders.
    • declaration of retrofitting the car with a terminal to handle payment cards
    • training in the use of terminals (training in MEGA-TAXI office)
    • persons interested in cooperation, please contact us on the following numbers: 666167625, 666167623

    Principles of cooperation

    A taxi driver fulfilling the conditions of MEGA-TAXI Katarzyna and Tomasz Rdest sp.j. runs his own business on his own account in accordance with the regulations specified in the Resolution of the Municipal Council of Krakow and internal regulations and does not have employment or hiring relation with MEGA-TAXI. For using the service of intermediation in distribution of orders for transport services, the driver shall pay a fixed monthly fee specified in the regulations, called the “fee for order collection” regardless of the number of accepted orders and worked days in a month. In the case of services provided by two drivers in one car, the fee is increased by 50%. The drivers operate according to the tariffs established by MEGA-TAXI Katarzyna and Tomasz Rdest sp. j. and in cars marked according to the internal regulations.