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Our aim is to provide passenger and luggage transportation services at a level that meets our customers’ expectations both in terms of professionalism, comfort and fare. We have cars driven only by licensed taxi drivers, a 24-hour dispatch centre and several variants of automatic taxi ordering. Using automatic taxi ordering (directly from our servers, without the dispatch centre) allows us to shorten the ordering time to a dozen or so seconds, which is of great importance in periods of increased demand for taxis. Customers wishing to use our taxis at taxi ranks or outside taxi stops, please pay attention to the correct markings of our taxis presented below (especially the price list on the window) which will eliminate the use of expensive “fakes”.

Price list

Fee in Zone I of the city of Krakow

Opłata początkowa dla wszystkich taryf9,00zł
Taryfa 1 w godz. 6.00-22.00, dni powszednie2,99zł
Taryfa 2 w godz 22.00-6.00, niedziela i święta3,59zł
Opłata za 1 godzinę postoju dla wszystkich tary44,00zł

Charges outside Zone I of the City of Krakow

Taryfa 3 w godz. 6.00-22.00, dni powszednie4,99zł
Taryfa 4 w godz 22.00-6.00, niedziela i święta5,49zł

*detailed price list >>


  • passenger cars for 4 passengers and hand luggage
  • estate cars for 4 passengers and more luggage
  • Vans for 5-6 passengers and luggage
  • road assistance 24h – +48 796 012 112 – upon Mega Taxi password
  • Luggage taxi small – +48 799 811 755 – upon Mega Taxi password
  • Luggage taxi large – +48 575 002 928 – upon Mega Taxi password
  • Payment for MEGA TAXI rides is done
  • in cash or with payment cards or via the application
  • The taxi driver is obliged to issue a receipt from a fiscal cash register or an invoice for the service on request. The receipt or the invoice is the basis and condition for the examination of any complaints concerning the charging of fees.


for more information call +48 666 167 625

A traditional taxi order can be placed using the short number 196 25, or the easily accessible +48 12 400 00 00 and +48 124 124 124. A traditional contact with a dispatcher should be used when ordering a transport service connected with the characteristics of a taxi e.g. 5-6 people, skis, bigger luggage, complicated access etc. Due to the high demand for our taxis, the waiting time for contacting a dispatcher to place an order can be longer, so we provide our customers with the option of ordering taxis directly from the application (without the dispatch centre), which allows for placing an order within a dozen or so seconds. The automatic ordering systems, as well as the phone application used to place the order, are modernised by us on the basis of our customers’ comments and suggestions.

Darmowo udostępniona możliwość korzystania z szybkiego i wygodnego zamawiania Free of charge, the ability to use fast and convenient ordering of taxis was created on the basis of IT systems of ASCEN company and OSM maps. Orders for non-standard courses or out-of-town trips requiring price calculation as well as courses from Balice airport, term courses, servicing of events, conferences or conventions can be placed by e-mail to: