Balice Airport

Dear customers, we would like to inform you that the Balice Airport Company has introduced additional fees. In view of this, the driver should pay an additional amount of 10 PLN when going to the airport, and the amount resulting from the indication of the parking meter at the exit when picking up.

Automatic cab ordering

In the interests of the comfort of our regular customers ordering rides from the same addresses, today we launched a taxi ordering machine.
ADZ reads the last two addresses from which the journeys were made. This will significantly speed up the waiting time for the order. If he finds a car, he immediately informs about the details of the order.

Ideal for those who order simple rides without special requirements. If you have requirements for a journey such as a shipment, shopping, transport of a pet or other, please contact the headquarters or download the application. 

Simple, fast, automatic!
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Shopping delivery

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Following the needs of our customers, taking care of their safety, we are launching the Shopping Panel.

At any time, you will be able to order groceries, liquor, medicines or food transport from your favorite restaurant.

-Call 12 19625, 124 000 000, 124 124 124
-The head office transfers the purchase order to the driver who contacts the customer directly
-Purchase amount – PLN 100
-Purchase weight – up to 15kg
-Payment by card or cash (not possible to pay with the application or vouchers)
-Cost of the service with delivery – PLN 30 from one place.
*each subsequent point PLN 10.
-Any remarks to purchases are made by the customer with the driver with whom he has contact until the end of the order.
-Food from the restaurant is collected by the driver only after prior ordering by the customer

br>-In case of quarantine or illness, please inform the driver at the beginning of the conversation to ensure the best possible safety for each other.