About us

Przedsiębiorstwo Usług Transportowych “Taxi-Driver” s.c. Piotr Wąsiel, Edward Cora, established on 12.101992, currently operates under the name MEGA-TAXI Katarzyna and Tomasz Rdest sp.j., offered cheap transport services by passenger taxis to the residents of Krakow and its vicinity, initially as a small Radio Taxi Major network, mainly related to the Krakow district of Prądnik Czerwony, and later as one of the larger Radio Taxi Mega networks, available to a wide range of clients.

Our aim is to offer high quality taxi services at attractive prices. Taking care of securing interests of both clients and drivers, using our long-standing experience, we created our own Internet taxi management system based on the most modern solutions. Using precise taxi localization system and defining coordinates of ordered addresses guaranteed by professionalism of Targeo maps we are trying to provide our clients with short waiting time for a taxi and short (economical) journeys for taxi drivers, which in Cracow realities is a big challenge.

As the only taxi company in Krakow, we inform our customers by sms about the arrival time of the ordered taxi, at the same time making it possible to observe its journey. Another text message will inform you of the taxi’s arrival at the ordered address, which is for your convenience and has a great impact on more efficient use of the taxi’s working time. Radio Taxi Mega also has an attractively low price for travel during the day and especially at night, Sundays and holidays.

Thanking our customers for using our services, we would like to emphasise that through us you help suffering animals, because for every journey we make, we donate a symbolic grosz to the Cracow Animal Care Association.

We invite you to use the services of Radio Taxi Mega